The Playful Way to Connect to the Universe

Sweet Cosmic Words




I just wanted to tell you a story about how magical these cubes are. I have a 10 year old client who is very angry at her parents for getting divorced. Yesterday she came in and noticed the cosmic cubes. I said hey let’s play this game. She was incredibly intrigued and took each block and threw it on the table and whatever it landed was her word. There were 7 words and she quickly wrote a story using these special words.

“A unicorn of happiness dreams that everyone is laughing, there is no sadness. Isn’t that an awesome idea?”

I truly had not seen this child laugh or smile in the two months I’ve known her. This was a profound moment. We will use this each week and develop her story. This is FABULOUS for therapists with all people but especially with bright imaginative children!


- Kellee White, LMFT, CA

“Here’s my inaugural roll straight from the bag when I released the cosmic cubes! LOVE THEM! (Lou was all about them as well.) When I want a little pick me up I pull out the CCs, they’re wondrous!”

– Elaine Hendrix, actress, NY



– Felix, age 7, magic maker

As a mom, I love Cosmic Cubes for the connection they allow with my young son. I so enjoy a creative endeavor, and this allows the two of us to have endless conversations about words, their meanings, how their meanings can change based on context, etc. It helps him with his creative thinking and also with writing, as he arranges the words he rolls into sentences and writes them down. For myself, I love the Cosmic Cubes as a way for the Universe to speak to me, and I especially love that they merge spirituality with playfulness and fun, as the two are not mutually exclusive, but are often portrayed that way. I appreciate the natural materials, too, as opposed to plastic. These have a solid, high quality feel to them. Cosmic Cubes are totally genius!! 

– Karianne Croy, AZ 

I am obsessed with my cosmic cubes!! I get excited with every roll to see what’s in store. they are the perfect tool and reminder that we are always held by the universe, and each message is always divinely timed. I cannot recommend Cosmic Cubes enough!

– Katie Calder, Tech professional, yoga teacher, believer in magic, Chicago


“Yippee!!! Cosmic Cubes arrived today!! My first “roll” landed this divine message. 🌟🌟🌟Then my hubby took a roll, which sounds like our body care product business🌟🌟🌟Thank you for bringing this out in the world, Julie! My little one is having a blast, even rolled for the fur baby when she came to check them out - Yep Dakota rolled “Cosmic Soul Singing Rebel With Unicorn Miracles”  🤩💙🤸🏻‍♂️

– Debra Queen-Saavedra, Saavy Naturals, CA

"I see them as an instrument of playful communication with my cosmic self” "Like a walkie talkie to my Soul!”💛" A fun game to play with your higher self!

Danielle Small, Aloha Alchemy, CA

I just love my Cosmic Cubes! They are such a fun way to help me reshuffle my thoughts into positive paths. Anytime I feel “stuck” I’ll turn to my cubes and I always feel a sense of positive energy flowing in. Every roll gives me that push to open up my mind and listen to what the universe is trying to tell me.

– Annie Callahan, Chicago  

“Your Gorgeous Cosmic Cubes are the BEST!! They arrived at the best time and are So magic ~ the soft flannel bag even matches my dress and jewelry today and then first roll~ what will it be!? ✨✨✨Pretty much a description of well~ everything ~ that’s the truth! What will your first roll be!?! 🦄💖🏹Thank YOU Julie!!!!!” 🙌💖🌈

– Jadee Lee Rhodes, Voice over artist, CA

“Thank you Julie for channeling and manifesting the Cosmic Cubes ♥️Every time I roll with them I remember there is no wrong answer, no one way to do this crazy beautiful thing called life. ☀️There is only Divine Timing and Magical Messages, available to us every step of the way. The Cubes help us remember how loved and supported we are.” ♥️💜💗🌸☀️

– Sebastien Furer, designer, Switzerland